World’s Longest Scooter

Cooper Mini Limo I’m not really sure what prompted these guys to do it. Maybe boredom. Maybe they wanted to climb the mountain because the mountain was there. Or just maybe they saw the Cooper Mini Limo and thought to do the same thing with a scooter. I’m not just impressed with the mechanical abilities viewed in this video. I’m also super impressed that most of it s done while wearing a tie. Obviously this is one of those foreign films. 🙂

The “long” scooter is quite impressive. There is a seat in the front for steering and another one in the back for…riding. If I had the parts I would add another steering section in the rear sort of like the Fire Engine Ladder trucks. Might make it easier to round a normal street corner.

Have a look at the video below or view from the original page on

Observation about online videos

I took the day off sick. Somehow I contracted food poisoning and felt too weak to hit the office. So I spent most of the day reading through my Bloglines feeds. One feed lead to some Google videos. Another to Yahoo videos. All of these were technical presentations with a person talking in front a screen. On the screen is some 40+ page powerpoint for the benefit of the actual audience. Normally these videos are produced by individuals. But in the case of the technical videos they are normally created by the Google and Yahoo technical departments. I’ve had a few observations and frustrations about these presentations.

  • Show a show of the full slide from the screen. Don’t just move the camera and assume the video user can read the type. Provide an inline view of the PPT slide. Yahoo has done this on some of the DOM/JavaScript videos.
  • Have microphones in the audience for questions. Many times you can see the presenter point to someone and say something like ‘yes, you have a question…’. On the video you never hear the question on the response.
  • Most of the videos provide a tremendous amount of links to other references. As there is no way to scrape these from the video add the ability to download the support material from a link.