You donate we smash…

Yet another site where the owners are asking (and getting money) from people for a useless reason. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for new and strange forms of entertainment. It’s just I think we have better things to do with our general income than pay a few punks to purchase an iPod to just smash it. At first I thought ‘okay, so they don’t like Apple and/or iPods’. But in the 10 minute movie they mention not having a grudge against Apple or iPods. So why then? Well it appears just because.

I think I could find something better to do with $300-400 that just make a movie.

I am definitely in the wrong end of this revolution. Here I am thinking you build something with your bare hands (sweat and tears as well).

My new music source

So I finally made the jump to an iPod. Though it is just a 4G Nano, I think it really rocks. I love the stylish design of the little piece of hardware and it hold a ton of my music. Now since I share an office with 6 women I can simple put on my tunes and stay focused.

This all reminds my of the days when I would write C code way into the night. Sometimes on weekend I’d go home on Friday and not leave my apartment until Monday when I returned to work. I mostly coded the entire weekend. And man did I write some crap. Not sure what it was. I was going through some old archive CDs I burned back in the mid 1990s and what was I smoking or thinking or what???

We all like to believe we are adults and that what we do for a living is some great accomplishment, but seriously. We read posts from Zeldman, Eric Meyer and others that inspire us and think, ‘Yeah I’m rubbing elbows with greatness. Be just a matter of time before I get a big break…’, BULLSH*T. I have to catch myself sometimes. I’m just lucky I’ve got a job. Half the time I’m not even sure what I’m doing. Sure I wanted to develop since I was a wee Junior in High school. Missed most of the 1980s chasing a sales career to earn some cash to chase the gals with. Did really get back into programming until 1991. Even then I was insecure of my abilities. Just makes we wonder if everyone also feel this way? Even at the upper echelon levels.