It’s been a year…

Wow. Seems like longer but I’ve actually been in Austin with Sondra and family for a year. I moved last Labor Day 2003. Life with Sondra, her mother, the dogs and now a cat has had its ups and downs. We remodeled the guest bathroom last fall and plan on performing the same operation on the master bath this fall.

Other things that happened this past 12 months…

I turned 40. Sondra got a big promotion to Sr. Buyer. A position she has been in line for many years. We went on a cruise last Spring.

To that and all of the other little things that occurred. I plan on spending some serious time this weekend and reflecting on the past year and the future. I usually do this after the New Year or after my birthday. Time to think about and accomplishments or disappointments.

Back from Utah

Back to work today after a weekend in Utah. I really don’t care what your thoughts are on this state and also any notion about Mormons and all. The state (at least around Salt Lake City) is very beautiful. Sondra and spend Friday afternoon until Sunday morning pretty much enjoying the view and the fresh cool air. I will have pictures up this week.

We were up there for Alex’s wedding up in Alta, which is mere 20 miles up the mountain from SLC. The wedding was outside and the weather was perfect. Meet some very nice and interesting people there. Also meet many from New Jersey, which is her side of the family.

So today back at work sucked. That is how you know you had a good weekend or vacation. When you just can’t bare the return to normal function.