Clifford Antone we will miss you

A sad time here in Austin. Clifford Antone was found dead this past Tuesday afternoon by APD. Mr. Antone is world famous for his support of Blues musician and their music. He played a key roll in launching the careers of many Blues artists including Austin’s own Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Personally I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Antone. But we shared on thing. We are both from the same SE Texas town as Janis Joplin, Port Arthur. Read more about Clifford Antone’s life 

Austin City Limits Music Festival lineup announced!

It’s that time of year. Time to start thinking about the ACL Festival that hits Austin in September. We have attended each year for the good, the bad and the experience. We’ve had great time at the festival. The first two years were my favorites because it was relatively unknown and not yet over crowded. And we’ve had a few bad times. Last year was one of the worst just because of the dry heat and the dust bowl created from everyone walking around.

Forgetting all that the ACL committee has released the band lineup for 2006. Check it out here I have to say I’m VERY excited. I’m a big Van Morrison van. I haven’t had the chance to see him live. And considering his age, I’m glad I’ll get the chance. Plus there is Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Matisyahu to name a few. WOW!

On the radio this morning during my 1 hour trek up MoPac this morning I found it disappointing that so many people are upset over the new lineup. Seems many were anticipating bigger headliners. There was one comment I remember, “There are no headliners under 40”. Well I say good. Maybe less people, especially the younger crowd will show up to the festival. One of my biggest pet peeves over the years is the number of 20-something standing around talking on their cell phones or to each other while the rest of us are trying to enjoy the show. This is just F*CKING annoying and rude.

So bring on the over 40 headliners festival!

Survived ACL Festival ’04

Well Sondra and I and her friend Paula made it through the 3-day ACL Festival. I took off Monday (Vacation day) to recover. We all have varied comments about the crowds, heat and schedule conflicts. But the one common thing that really annoys the three of us was that it seemed everyone was just standing around either talking on their cell phone or talking to each other in groups. Now these were mostly college age persons.

Now I don’t really want to sound like an old fart. But when did this become a social occasion instead of about the music? I mean, as the band played on the crowd just collectively got louder and louder.

So on the third day we decided just to not try and get close to the stage but hang out and people watch. Still we were able to hear the music. Just didn’t have to worry about trying to listen among crowd. Then when that set was over and it was time to move t a new stage for the next artist we didn’t have to fight the crowd.

Austin City Limits Festival and Doom 3

Well today is Friday…No really. Oh, I know it really is Thursday. But it’s my Friday. Sondra and I will be spending the next 3 days at Zilker park here in Austin attending the 3rd annual Austin City Limit music festival. It keeps getting better and better every year. Though the heat will be upon us, predictions in the 95-99 degree range, we will have plenty of water, beer and music to keep us company.

ACL Festical

Besides looking forward to this weekend I bought Doom 3 a few weeks ago and have been playing it when I can. For me this is one of those ‘have to buy’ items. I was just finding my direction back in the early 1990’s when the original doom came out. Though I was a big fan of some other games and Wildenstein as well. Doom really defined the 1st-person shooter in my opinion. So much so that I also purchased Doom II and Final Doom over the years. The later was kind of the end of an era for me. I never really got into the Duke Nukkem and Quake games for some reason. Probably because they were the newer version of the original.

So after many years of waiting the guys at ID software finally released Doom 3. What a game. Though it takes quite the high-end system to play, it is so much like the original in the design and the monsters. The best mindless entertainment in my current opinion.

Not really trying to come off like a big time gamer here. I’m also waiting for Half-Life 2 next month (or is it this month?). I played the HL series last summer and enjoyed it. Though the graphics were somewhat crude. I know it’s an older game that I finally purchased (off a sale rack) and played. Knowing a little about the history of the game I look forward to the updates graphics story line…as well as the weapons and monster.