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My sincere apologies to all who have upgraded and are having issues. If you would like to work with me on resolving these issues please use the contact form and provide some specific details on the issue. Screen shots help! Also be nice to know what plugins and theme you are running so I can try to reproduce the issue under my test environments. Thank You.

2012-03-05: Just updated Simply Exclude 2.0.2. This version should solve most issues when upgrading from version 1.x of this plugin. There were some issues with the conversion processing. I’ve added a new section at the bottom of the Settings page to reload the configurations from version 1.x into the 2.x format.

Simply Exclude 2.0 has been release as of March 2012. Get your copy from the plugin repository SimplyExclude Plugin for WordPress

Version 2.0 of the Simply Exclude plugin is the best yet. Gone are the days where you had to jump back and forth to setup a new category then go into the Simply Exclude management section and include/exclude the category from search, feeds, archives, etc. Now you can manage you Post Types and Taxonomies directly from the standard WordPress admin panels.

The new version also now supports any and all Custom Post Types (Pages, Posts, etc) and Taxonomies (Categories, Post Tags, etc). As well as the standard Authors. Also included free of charge is an online FAQ system where many users have had issues in the past. This Help system includes all my replies to the users to get them working.

I hope you enjoy this new update. It has been too long in the works.

The Simply Exclude plugin works on the simple logic of the WordPress WP_Query object. This object is created and contains all the information needed to handle a page request from the user’s browser. So when the user points the browser to your site’s home page the WP_Query object is setup to query all the posts to display for your home page. The Simply Exclude plugin adds a simply filter to this WP_Query object. Depending on the Simply Exclude settings for Home, Search, Archive, Feed and is Posts, Pages, Categories are being displayed.

In the basic terms the Simply Exclude plugin works like this simple function to exclude cat 1 from the home page. This is example is taken from the WordPress Codex See this Codex page on Custom Queries.

// Used to limit the categories displayed on the home page.
function myHomePostsFilter($query)
if ($query->is_home)
return $query;

The Simply Exclude plugin works along the same lines supporting many other more filters than the is_home() option here. Some other filters are is_archive, is_feed, etc.


Download SimplyExclude Plugin for WordPress


For support you can contact me via this site. But I would prefer you use the Simply-Exclude support forums on


I’ve removed all comments prior to Jan 1, 2012 as they were no longer relevant to this latest version of Simply Exclude.