I “heart” Tikibar TV

Lala - TikiBarTV.com

Sometime earlier this year I got into podcasts. I love ’em. I download the casts to my system and sync to my iPod. Then when I’m running around town or literally running around Town Lake here in Austin I can catch up on the latest podcast sessions. Because I’m a developer my casts follow a similar themes being mostly technical in nature. I also subscribe to some history casts. I do however subscribe to a few that are quite fun.

One of these is the Tikibar TV video podcast. The postings are random and you can go weeks before seeing a new one. Believe me they are funny and well worth the wait. And as the name would imply each episode offers the viewer a recipe for a very interesting cocktail!

Check out Dr. Tiki, Johnny Johnny and the luscious Lala as they provide humor and some interesting drink concoctions. http://www.tikibartv.com

Also check out the Tiki bar on MySpace http://myspace.com/tikibartv

Tiki bar Podcasts

On occasion when I’m bored and the 6376 songs in my iTunes library just don’t seem to help my day, I turn to Podcasts. There is some funny shit out in the world. On the the latest finds is the folks over at the Tiki bar. Check them out. http://www.tikibartv.com/.