Pages Children

Personally I find the WordPress post type display listing somewhat lacking. When dealing with a simple list of About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages the interface works fairly well. But when you have a client who has 15+ levels of sub-pages and each level contains some 50+ pages the interface quickly breaks down in it’s usefulness.

So I put together a plugin to help manage this a little better. The new plugin, pages-children, helps to filter the pages list showing only a single level of pages at a time. That is it really. There is no admin interface or settings. Just through the power of the WordPress actions and filter the page content can be altered. Powerful stuff.

As mentioned the plugin will filter the post type or taxonomy list to display only a single level of the hierarchy at a time. Within the list those items which have children will have an indicator and link to process access to those sub-items.

Display changes to the Pages detail information

Example of a Taxonomy terms listing showing the plugin effect.


You can download the latest version of Page-children on


For support you can contact me via this site. But I would prefer you use the Page Children support forums on