Microsoft Firefox??

It’s Saturday and beautiful day in Austin. Sondra had to work so I took the time to hit Town Lake Trail. Went to get my car cleaned up. I’d rather pay someone $25 dollars to clean my car in 15 minutes than spent 3 hours detailing my own ride. I’m just like that.

Anyway decided to head over to Mozart’s Coffer House down on Lake Austin Blvd. Grab a large coffee , use the free WiFi and browser the Internet. Really it means catching up on my email and Bloglines feeds. One feed came across made me worried. I’m not sure if it’s a spoof site of possibly real. But it seems Microsoft is releasing it’s own version of Firefox.

Microsoft Firefox.

Internet National flags

At first I though this was funny and interesting, But in thinking about this more I agree. I think the Internet has really made border, traditional country borders, somewhat obsolete. Considering companies now span many countries why not adopt flags based on the service.

Or maybe a better solution is to follow the concept from a Sci-Fi book I read a few years ago called Melissa Government (Sorry cannot find the book link on Amazon). In this book the characters take the name of their employeer for their last name. Hence the title.