Microsoft Firefox??

It’s Saturday and beautiful day in Austin. Sondra had to work so I took the time to hit Town Lake Trail. Went to get my car cleaned up. I’d rather pay someone $25 dollars to clean my car in 15 minutes than spent 3 hours detailing my own ride. I’m just like that.

Anyway decided to head over to Mozart’s Coffer House down on Lake Austin Blvd. Grab a large coffee , use the free WiFi and browser the Internet. Really it means catching up on my email and Bloglines feeds. One feed came across made me worried. I’m not sure if it’s a spoof site of possibly real. But it seems Microsoft is releasing it’s own version of Firefox.

Microsoft Firefox.

Letterman says Goodbye to Mr. Bill Gates

This is too funny. As a full-time Mac user I find this video funny on so many levels

So you want security with that Browser?

I was reading me email. One of the many email lists I’m on had a posting for UX Mag, Seems like a very interesting site. On this site’s home page is a block about 26% of the mag’s readers use IE. Curious I clicked it. Reading the page I came across piece of content that mentions IE add-ons for the current beta IE7 Thinking this is something like Fire Fox extensions I decided to investigate further.

What I find really strange is the main menu of this site. The site list four main categories of add-ons. The first one being ‘Security’. To me this is funny. Though not as funny as Microsoft publishing a book a few years back on programming for security. I mean can they just give it up and admit they haven’t a clue about how to make their application secure. And is it too much to ask that the new IE7 come already loaded with the various security add-ons you fins on the site? Why even give people the option. Seems like they are just asking for trouble.

Then again I don’t care because I’ve switched to MAC and IE7 is not being delivered to that platform.