I’m famous, part III

A few times on this site I’ve Googled may name to see where I rank and mostly to see how far up the ranking this site hits. Just curious not obsession.

Well I found this site and thought it was funny. Seems my name is pretty common. Give it a try and see where your name ranks.

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I’m famous!

Well, not me but my name. I was working on some things this Saturday and somehow I Googled my name ‘Paul+Menard’. Did you ever do this? Well come to find out I have a few pretty famous brothers out there with the same name.

At the top of this list is Paul Menard the NASCAR racer. I don’t follow the sport myself. When I worked in Houston there was a member of my team that did. He was a big Ricky Martin fan. I mean Mark Martin. Sorry Joe. I always make this comment. And I never get tired of it. Anyway this Paul Menard is a member of the Menard’s racing team, http://www.teammenard.com/. I knew about the Menard hardware franchise in the North-east of the US. Living in central Texas however it doesn’t sink in.

There is Paul Menard, Neuroticflyfisherman, http://www.pmenard.com/. Tagged, because his site has the name in it. Seems like a pretty nice guy. Need to drop him a line on his site. Also hosted in WordPress by the way. Like names and minds. He’s quite the fisherman apparently. I used to fish when I was younger. My only hobby these days is working.

There is a site of Menard brothers, Paul and Guy. http://www.menardbros.on.ca/index.htm. They are from Ontario. General Contractors. My father is a carpenter. Still living and working in my home town, Port Arthur, TX.

I could have followed his trade. But I was hooked on computer development in high school. Thanks to Mr. Kenneth Lee for setting of the class my junior year. I wonder how he’s doing some time. He also taught Fortran at the local college. The first half of the year we used two teletype systems. We dialed into a timeshare system in Houston. We were only allowed to be on the systems each for 5 minutes. We used to save our work on a cassette tape. Someone else in the class figured out there was a game on the server. Remember the text-based game Adventure? We used to play during our 5 minutes. The second half of the year the school bought 3 Apple IIe systems. My first personal computer. We then got into some graphic development. I remember a game we had to write for something equal to a class final. We had to draw a table. On this table was to be a Mexican jumping bean. Using a random number generator the bean had to land in a new position on the table, up, down, left or right. We had to track the number to jumps before the bean fell off the table. It was a blast. I just remember doing everyone else’s homework for free. It was all Apple BASIC. At the time I was working as a stocker for Kenny Shoes at our local strip mall (outside mall). I used to write my code on paper during my breaks. Good times. Thanks again Mr. Lee.

Sadly, my name or rather this site, finally hit on page 14! Need to work on getting some Google press.