The week that was…

This past week has been total HELL! I was on-call for work. It started out Black Friday, you know the day after Turkey day. It started out okay and really I didn’t get many calls during the weekend. but on Monday I was awoke at 3am. Worked until 4:30am. Tried but could not get back to sleep. So stayed up working on things. This same thing occurred at least two other times during the week until Friday. Man why is it that servers (where web sites are hosted) go down or screw up at 2am? Why oh F*cking WHY? Anyway I had a bad week and didn’t get to work on some of my personal projects.

I have a new client project I need to look at this week. Lorri was kind enough to pass my name on to someone who needs help getting their eCommerce site working. This is an existing site but for some reason things are not working on the shopping cart. So she wants me to look into it. It’s all JavaScript and from what I can tell the sight does not use a backend database. I was able to download the entire site via wget a few nights ago. Strange how many eCommerce site out there are static HTML.

Anyway not much else going on. I need to start working on my Christmas card list. We were supposed to have all this ready last weekend. I need to start mine soon.

Big World Photo

Meet Lorri Honeycutt out at the Spring Pecan Street festival. She take pictures of small figurines. We were in here booth and she was telling someone that her Web Master was having trouble adding eCommerce ability to her site. So I passed her my card. I didn’t have a chance to talk to her then. She email me and we spoke about her needs.

So I’ve added a custom shopping cart to the site. It works pretty nice. This is the start of a bigger eCommerce engine I’ll be adding functionality to. Check the site out. I can’t take credit for any of the site design. This was all pre-existing. I did convert the static HTML pages, one for each picture, into something a little more dynamic and flexible.