I “heart” Tikibar TV

Lala - TikiBarTV.com

Sometime earlier this year I got into podcasts. I love ’em. I download the casts to my system and sync to my iPod. Then when I’m running around town or literally running around Town Lake here in Austin I can catch up on the latest podcast sessions. Because I’m a developer my casts follow a similar themes being mostly technical in nature. I also subscribe to some history casts. I do however subscribe to a few that are quite fun.

One of these is the Tikibar TV video podcast. The postings are random and you can go weeks before seeing a new one. Believe me they are funny and well worth the wait. And as the name would imply each episode offers the viewer a recipe for a very interesting cocktail!

Check out Dr. Tiki, Johnny Johnny and the luscious Lala as they provide humor and some interesting drink concoctions. http://www.tikibartv.com

Also check out the Tiki bar on MySpace http://myspace.com/tikibartv

The Creative Department Douchebag!

At most all companies, there is a person or a group that for whatever reason just tend to look down their nose at others because of the their profession. It can be they are in sales, though not a good salesman even. But they will tell you how the company’s future rests on their shoulders.

A few jobs back I was dating a girl from the accounting department. Her boss would always be ranting how important he was because without him the company would not know how to mange it’s money.

Now that I’m a developer, there are a multitude of people I meet who are web designers. These guys (and gals) get me steamed sometimes. They just think they are all that. Here is a very funny cartoon expressing they way some of these designers come across.