I don’t get Sudoko!

There. I’ve said it. Sondra seems to be totally into this game. I even bought her a calendar for a Christmas present. You know the ones like the Far Side or Word of the day desktop calendar where you get a new treat each day of the year. So far she has enjoy this. As well as the puzzles printed in the newspaper. I’ve tried and just don’t see the interest. To me it’s kind of like working on a picture puzzle aka jigsaw puzzle. There is very little knowledge gained in do it. At least that is my opinion. Have to sensitive to those who do read this blog and do enjoy the Sudoko puzzle craze.

To each his or her own. For me I like to unwind with a good book or better a really well done first-person shooter game like Half-Life 2, Doom 3, etc.

Austin City Limits Festival and Doom 3

Well today is Friday…No really. Oh, I know it really is Thursday. But it’s my Friday. Sondra and I will be spending the next 3 days at Zilker park here in Austin attending the 3rd annual Austin City Limit music festival. It keeps getting better and better every year. Though the heat will be upon us, predictions in the 95-99 degree range, we will have plenty of water, beer and music to keep us company.

ACL Festical

Besides looking forward to this weekend I bought Doom 3 a few weeks ago and have been playing it when I can. For me this is one of those ‘have to buy’ items. I was just finding my direction back in the early 1990’s when the original doom came out. Though I was a big fan of some other games and Wildenstein as well. Doom really defined the 1st-person shooter in my opinion. So much so that I also purchased Doom II and Final Doom over the years. The later was kind of the end of an era for me. I never really got into the Duke Nukkem and Quake games for some reason. Probably because they were the newer version of the original.

So after many years of waiting the guys at ID software finally released Doom 3. What a game. Though it takes quite the high-end system to play, it is so much like the original in the design and the monsters. The best mindless entertainment in my current opinion.

Not really trying to come off like a big time gamer here. I’m also waiting for Half-Life 2 next month (or is it this month?). I played the HL series last summer and enjoyed it. Though the graphics were somewhat crude. I know it’s an older game that I finally purchased (off a sale rack) and played. Knowing a little about the history of the game I look forward to the updates graphics story line…as well as the weapons and monster.