Simply Exclude

My sincere apologies to all who have upgraded and are having issues. If you would like to work with me on resolving these issues please use the contact form and provide some specific details on the issue. Screen shots help! Also be nice to know what plugins and theme you are running so I can try to reproduce the issue under my test environments. Thank You.

2012-03-05: Just updated Simply Exclude 2.0.2. This version should solve most issues when upgrading from version 1.x of this plugin. There were some issues with the conversion processing. I’ve added a new section at the bottom of the Settings page to reload the configurations from version 1.x into the 2.x format.

Simply Exclude 2.0 has been release as of March 2012. Get your copy from the plugin repository SimplyExclude Plugin for WordPress

Version 2.0 of the Simply Exclude plugin is the best yet. Gone are the days where you had to jump back and forth to setup a new category then go into the Simply Exclude management section and include/exclude the category from search, feeds, archives, etc. Now you can manage you Post Types and Taxonomies directly from the standard WordPress admin panels.

The new version also now supports any and all Custom Post Types (Pages, Posts, etc) and Taxonomies (Categories, Post Tags, etc). As well as the standard Authors. Also included free of charge is an online FAQ system where many users have had issues in the past. This Help system includes all my replies to the users to get them working.

I hope you enjoy this new update. It has been too long in the works.

The Simply Exclude plugin works on the simple logic of the WordPress WP_Query object. This object is created and contains all the information needed to handle a page request from the user’s browser. So when the user points the browser to your site’s home page the WP_Query object is setup to query all the posts to display for your home page. The Simply Exclude plugin adds a simply filter to this WP_Query object. Depending on the Simply Exclude settings for Home, Search, Archive, Feed and is Posts, Pages, Categories are being displayed.

In the basic terms the Simply Exclude plugin works like this simple function to exclude cat 1 from the home page. This is example is taken from the WordPress Codex See this Codex page on Custom Queries.

// Used to limit the categories displayed on the home page.
function myHomePostsFilter($query)
   if ($query->is_home)
   return $query;

The Simply Exclude plugin works along the same lines supporting many other more filters than the is_home() option here. Some other filters are is_archive, is_feed, etc.

Download SimplyExclude Plugin for WordPress

I’ve removed all comments prior to Jan 1, 2012 as they were no longer relevant to this latest version of Simply Exclude.

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116 Responses to “Simply Exclude”

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  2. Gigi Gerow Says:

    Here’s a problem I’ve encountered with the Simply Exclude plugin. I have one single category that I want to exclude from the front page, archives, RSS, Category Widget and Searches. And that all works fine. But then when I go to the Category page for the relevant category…here I do want to see all of the posts in the category but the posts are excluded from appearing on the category’s own page….a kind of catch-22 I guess.

  3. Paul Menard Says:

    Gigi Gerow » Try unchecking the ‘Archive’ option for that category. See the Category page IS the archive.

  4. Gary Gordon Says:

    I tried to email you (using your contact form) a description of my problem, but it displayed a message regarding an SMTP error. So, here’s my message again (in case you didn’t receive it).

    I installed Simply Exclude. Everything installed within my WordPress site fine.

    I went into Simply Exclude from the left side menu and checked the box for SEARCH (for the category I wanted to not show up when users SEARCH the website) and clicked on SAVE CHANGES.

    After doing this, I am taken to this URL

    And the page displays the message:

    “ 403 Forbidden Error Page

    If you arrived here due to a search or clicking on a link click your Browser’s back button to return to the previous page. Thank you.”

    It just won’t seem to save the changes. Even if I don’t make any change and just click “Save Changes” I get the same thing.

    What do you think the issue might be?

    Gary Gordon

  5. Gary Gordon Says:

    Sorry, the link it takes me to is:

    NOTE: There is a left bracket like [ before the word action and a bracket like ] after the word action. Hopefully you’ll understand this.


  6. Paul Menard Says:

    Gary Gordon » Thanks for the tip on my comment form. I changed the SMTP password over the weekend and didn’t change that setting. On to your issue.

    I know about the square bracket. What version of WordPress are you running? This should work fine in the latest WordPress version 3.3.1. If you cannot get this working then it might be easier to just add some code to your theme. At the top of this page you should see the sample function. This is basically what the Simply Exclude plugin is doing. Change the line which reads ‘is_home’ to ‘is_search’. Then update the ‘cat’ value to include the categories you want to exclude. Make sure you add the minus sign before each category.

    Hope this help.

    // Used to limit the categories displayed on the home page. Simple
    function myHomePostsFilter($query)
    if ($query->is_search)
    $query->set(‘cat’,’-99′); // change the 99 to the category ID you want to exclude.
    return $query;

  7. Jan Says:


    After upgrading to WP 3.3.1 I got this php error message when saving settings of your plugin.

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/admin.php?page=se_manage_categories&se_admin[action]=save_categories on this server.

    Cannot find any conflict why I should not have permission to access.
    I am using this plugin in a multisite setting. I did not activate the plugin for the whole network. Only for the specific site.

  8. Paul Menard Says:

    Jan » Hmm. I haven’t really been testing again Multisite for a while. Can you tell me if the plugin was working prior to the upgrade or is this your first time to use it?

  9. Jan Says:

    Hi Paul,

    It was working fine before the upgrade. I have been using it for some time.

  10. Paul Menard Says:

    Jan » Alright. Let me setup a local MU site in 3.3.1 and see what is going on. Thanks.

  11. Paul Menard Says:

    Jan » I’ve setup a simple instance of WordPress Multisite running 3.3.1 on my local server. The site is running the default theme and the only active plugin is the Simply Exclude plugin. From what I can tell things works correct at least from the admin I can save the settings. Couple of thoughts?

    1. Try to deactivate then reactivate the Simply Exclude plugin on your specific site. On my setup the plugin was activated after the WordPress install and setup.
    2. Are you running MultiSite in the root or is there a directory prefix? For example if your domain is ‘some’ the url would be or I’ve seen some try to run WordPress in a sub-directory like In this later example it might be causing issues.

  12. Jan Says:


    I tried what you mentioned but this did not resolve anything.
    So I decided to restore a backup and now the error message has disappeared and saving the plugin works.

    Although the next problem emerged, the exclude/include does not work. I tried to do a search and the output is empty.
    Only after deactivating the plugin I get search results.

    Furthermore the multisite is located in the root.

  13. Frank Says:

    Hi, I just installed Simply Exclude on a new WordPress project in development after having used it in the past for a previous project and have encountered a problem.

    It seems any pages or posts added after activating Simply Exclude can not be found in searches. Pages & posts created before the plugin activation can still be found. I am using the default settings of the plugin and there does not appear to be any indication of general page exclusions. I have only specifically excluded a few pages.

    If I deactivate the plugin, then the newly created pages can be found in searches.

    I am using WordPress 3.3.1 and do not have any other search-related plugins.

  14. Paul Menard Says:

    Frank » From what I can tell it appears some default setting in Simply Exclude it attempting to exclude page. So within your wp-admin look for the Simply Exclude menu section. Go into the pages section and make sure not Pages are set to be excluded. If no Pages are checked then the plugin will not include the tacky SQL logic to try and exclude pages. As noted on the plugin’s Pages section the code for Pages exclusion is very very old and should not be used.

  15. Frank Says:

    Hi Paul, here is what is displayed when I go to the Exclude Pages settings.

    Only the pages that I have selected for intentional Search exclusion are checked (by enabling the option directly on the desired page itself and not Admin > Simply Exclude > Exclude Pages settings panel). All the other pages are not checked.

  16. Paul Menard Says:

    Frank » That was my point. You should not use the Simply Exclude plugin for Pages exclusion. Find another plugin for that. The plugin will break your site when using it for Pages exclusions. It does work for Category, Tags, Authors, etc. But not for Pages. I’ve been trying to update the plugin to work with any new Taxonomy and Custom Post Type. But have been busy on other projects.

  17. Frank Says:

    Paul >> Ah okay, that’s too bad. I liked the elegance of your plugin with it’s method of selection. I think other plugins require the user to find the page IDs first and then list them. Well, good luck on your other projects!

  18. Paul Menard Says:

    Frank » I’m actually hoping to have the initial work on the updated plugin ready sometime first of Feb. Interested in being a beta tester?

  19. Frank Says:

    Paul » Sure, if I have another WP site in development by that time, I can pop in your updated plugin. Just a note, my needs for a plugin like this are probably a bit more simple than other power users out there. Send me an email whenever you’re ready. Cheers!

  20. Jan Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Does your update also resolve the problem with the search results I am having?

  21. Paul Menard Says:

    Jan » Not sure. what problem are you having with search? As noted in my previous comments Page searches have been broken for some time. I suggest using a different plugin for excluding Pages from searches.

  22. Jan Says:

    Hi Paul,

    As I mentioned above I do not get search results with the plugin after the upgrade.
    This is not about page searches!

  23. Paul Menard Says:

    Jan » I just posted a new Beta version of the upcoming Simply Exclude 2.0

    I’m not sure it will solve your issue. I’ve tested on my own MU site and seems to work fine. I was not able to recreate an issue your previously reported. I’ve closed comments on this page. But leave comments on the Beta post if this does or does not work for you. Thanks.

  24. Simply Exclude version 2.0 officially released « CodeHooligans Says:

    […] can read all the details of the update via the main plugin page on this site. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own […]

  25. Jaqui Says:

    I just did the update. It is really great! Thank you for your excellent work!

  26. Sveta Says:

    New version killed all my changes … so I had to found 1.7.7 version somewhere in internet and make downgrade.

    That is not good when versions not compatible :`(

  27. Paul Menard Says:

    Sveta » Sorry to hear that. I did try to ensure all old versions of the SE configurations were maintained and migrated to the new structure. Apologies.

  28. George Sipe Says:

    Like Sveta, the new version caused problems. Site was very broke, no sidebar, no footer. Could access pages only by already known URLs.

    Went back to

  29. Trisha Says:

    Hi. I love this plugin. I have a problem, though. On the User’s Profile page, I have the Simply-Exclude options visible. I have ‘Users’ set to ‘disabled’ and Hide for ‘Show the extra columns on the listing and the edit form?’. But I can’t get rid of it. I tried logging in and out. It’s not suitable to have it on the Profile, because I don’t want my members getting confused about it. Can you help, please?

  30. Markus Says:

    With the new 2.0.x version it seems that I’m no longer able to exclude any categories from the start page when I use a static page, like the showcase template of the Twenty Eleven theme. This worked before with 1.7.x, seems I have to downgrade again.

  31. Trisha Says:

    Since the upgrade, it doesn’t seem to be working with Pages and Search Results any more – is it just me?

  32. Bluesman Of MLM Says:

    Hey Paul, I have a quick question, if I install this plugin and hide certain posts and categories, do they still show up in the google search results?


  33. asis rodriguez Says:

    i’m crazy with the new version. i must be very silly but i can’t make it works¡¡¡
    just to exclude one category form the front page and i can’t¡¡¡please help.

  34. Martijn Says:


    I have installed the new version, but all the settings are gone….
    Furtermore, when I exclude a category from the homepage it still shows up!

    How can this be fixed? I has no problems before the update.

    (I did use the right settings).

    Please help!

  35. Paul Menard Says:

    Martijn » To you and all others having issues, I apologize. The plugin was tested by various users in dozens of configurations and worked. At least from what I saw. Can you or someone please provide more information so that I can research this. Please try and answer the questions below

    1. what version of WordPress?
    2. What theme and version?
    3. What other plugins are active? There are some very bad themes out there.
    4. I’m concerned about the reports that upgrading looses the previous configurations. This was important in the updated and has been tested. I ask that someone work with me to show me some details.

  36. Paul Menard Says:

    Trisha » But please confirm something for me. If you see the Show/Hide to Hide the column on the Users listing does go away. But when you view the profile details it does not. Correct? Yeah, this is a bug. I’ll be pushing an update later today after researching some other user issues. Thanks.

  37. Martijn Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Version WP: 3.3.1

    Techblog Theme newest version (themeforest)

    Plugins (it’s a big site):
    Ad Injection
    Advertising Manager
    Better Delete Revision
    Select Blubrry PowerPress
    Blubrry PowerPress
    Broken Link Checker
    Category Posts Widget
    cbnet Different Posts Per Page
    Cleaner Gallery
    Customizable Search Widget
    Google Analyticator
    Google News Sitemap
    GT Tabs
    Link Cloaking Plugin
    Official StatCounter Plugin
    Optimize DB
    PHP Execution
    Popular Posts Bars
    Posts By Tag
    Quick Adsense
    SEO Friendly Images
    Shortcode Manager
    Simply Exclude New
    Smart 404
    Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    TinyMCE Advanced
    UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
    Use Google Libraries
    Widget Context
    WordPress Post Tabs
    WordPress SEO
    WP-Table Reloaded
    WP Minify
    WP Super Cache
    WP Widget Cache

    If you want you can take a look.
    Also, the checkboxes for your plugin do not appear in de category overview. (it is activated and on ‘show’ in te settings’)


  38. Paul Menard Says:

    Bluesman Of MLM » Yes, they should. I’ve discontinued support for integration with the Google Sitemaps plugin. They just change too often.

  39. Philip Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I too have had problems since upgrading. Searches don’t work. Here’s the error – Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/********/public_html/********.com/wp-content/plugins/simply-exclude/simplyexclude.php on line 1871
    WP 3.3.1

    Theme COupnPress Version 7.0.2

    Other plugins;
    All-In_One Event Calendar
    Change WP Mail From Details
    EZPZ One Click Backup
    My Page Order
    PremiumPress User Photo
    Share and Follow
    Simply Exclude New
    WordPress SEO

    I too lost my previous settings, but it was worth it.
    Thanks for a great plugin, if there’s any way I can help let me know.


  40. James Says:

    Since upgrading I am having issues excluding posts which contain a specific TAG. I have one tag which when it is assigned to a post I do not want the post to appear anywhere (archives, home, search etc). In the TAGS screen I have place a check in the boxes of Archives, Feed, Front/Home, Searches and Widget Tag Cloud for the one tag in question, yet the posts continue to appear.

    I am using the Genesis Framework with the Elle theme on WordPress 3.3.1.

    This was working prior to the upgrade.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated.


  41. Trisha Says:

    Confirmed as above. But I sent you another message regarding how excluding pages from search results only works when logged in as admin. If I do a search while logged in as admin, I get the search results I expect. If I log out or log in as just a subscriber, then I can see the pages I ‘excluded’ in the search results.

  42. asis Says:

    sorry but the new version still not working for me :-(

  43. Trisha Says:

    Thanks for solving my issues with the latest beta, Paul! Much appreciated. :)

  44. Nic Windley Says:

    I’m still having problems also. Excludes just not working. Happy to provide more info.

  45. Steve Says:

    I must say, that, while I greatly appreciate your efforts and LOVE Simply Exclude… you have made it extremely complicated. Why did you feel it was necessary? I’m not trying to trash your efforts, I just don’t think all the new options are necessary as it was working just fine for my site.

  46. Jon Says:

    I haven’t had to configure this plugin for a few months. Upon revisiting I cannot remember how it works. I realize the update caused issues for me and others, but I’m not sure how much of my confusion is due to that, or if I just can’t remember what the plugin is doing, exactly (I have a general idea). are there some clear docs on basic usage? I can’t remember what I referenced the first time. Thanks!

  47. Trisha Says:

    Hi again. Is it possible to exclude pages from wp_list_pages() ? I use a number of shortcodes which use it, and the pages I excluded with your plugin aren’t excluded from the output. And that’s a real shame.

  48. Paul Menard Says:

    Trisha » No. Sorry the plugin was not intended to filter the wp_list_pages() WordPress function. That function already has specific ability to exclude/include posts, posts types, etc. The Simply-Exclude plugin was designed to filter the bigger loops like Home, Archive, Feeds, Searches because those are not directly callable via the theme functions like wp_list_pages().

  49. Paul Menard Says:

    Jon » Then please quietly delete the plugin. Thanks.

  50. Cami Yonkers Says:

    Great program. Been using it for couple years through S3. Highly recommend.

  51. User Says:

    Just an FYI in case you weren’t aware — v2.0.3 that was pushed out yesterday (2012-03-18) has breaking changes that result in Error 500 in PHP/Apache. The site was fine with v2.02, but immediately after updating to v2.0.3 the site is broken. Disabling the plugin allows the site to work again. Anyway, it’s a great plugin, Paul, and I look forward to a fix so I can re-enable it ;)

  52. Paul Menard Says:

    User » Doubtful. The plugin does nothing that will cause a 500 error on your site. Maybe a 404 if you over exclude things. And since you didn’t bother to provide a real name or site URL I’m assuming this is just spam.

  53. Steve Wiggins Says:

    With your latest update, my site is once again screwed. I have set my taxonomy for categories active, but obituaries and everything else I want off the front page still show up there. My site looks like crap now.

  54. Steve Wiggins Says:

    Can I go back to version 1?

  55. Paul Menard Says:

    Steve Wiggins » Sure. If you are not interesting in helping me understand what is broken feel free to revert back to previous versions. You will need to download manually from the site. Go to and look in the right sidebar for ‘Other Versions’.

  56. User Says:

    With respect, Paul, you’re being a tad ignorant/dismissive/arrogant. I prefer anonymity, that’s why I never include a real name/site url. It’s far from spam when I’m here in an attempt to alert you to an issue with your plugin. I also reported it on the WordPress forums. You can see my name there if it’s that important to you. In software development, frankly you should expect (and not be offended by) criticism and bug reports.

    Plain and simple, it’s causing an Error 500. This is on a production server, so I’d rather not enable error display, but maybe I will for a few minutes to help you diagnose it. I have only one category that has 2 exclusions set, everything else is default. I’ve change *nothing* with the settings since I first installed this plugin almost a year ago. I’ve updated it with each update you pushed out, and they all worked fine until v2.0.3. Immediately after doing the 2.0.3 update it resulted in the error. Disabling only your plugin made it go back to normal. I’d say that’s pretty conclusive. It may be a conflict with another plugin (I’ll enable error display and find out exactly), but as I said, the only thing that changed at that moment was the upgrade of your plugin.

    I see that another user has reported an issue after me today, and you had the same tone with him as you did with me. People like your plugin, and they’re here to draw your attention to issues — why not be a little more receptive to that fact? I assume you’ll delete this comment out of defensiveness, but hopefully the message gets across.

  57. Paul Menard Says:

    User » Thanks for the comment. Sorry. I get tons of spam on this thread. Real spam not just agree users. Ok. I’ll play along. Help me help you. You previously posted you were getting a 500 error. This does absolutely nothing to help me understand your set or implementation of my plugin. The plugin simply filters the main WP_Query loop. Really I cannot see how this would cause a 500 error. Give me some error output and I’ll be more than happy to dig into this issue.

  58. User Says:

    [Mon Mar 19 16:17:21 2012] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_main_query() in /home/www/ on line 1913, referer:
    (note: mod_fcgid logs all PHP errors as “warn” level, regardless of their actual severity — and in this case, it’s actually a Fatal PHP error [as noted beside “stderr:”])

    Fatal PHP errors result in display of an Error 500 under Apache — so I’m 100% correct in what I reported ;)

    The is_main_query() function is new as of WordPress v3.3 (, so it breaks compatibility for anyone on a lower version. Currently, your plugin is listed as requiring v3.2 or higher (I’m on v3.2.1).

    I’m fine with reverting to v2.0.2 or holding off on re-activating it until I make the move to WP v3.3+ — not ready/able to just yet. It’d be great though if you could manage to rework it to have compatibility with <v3.3 for all of us who are, for whatever reason, a couple versions behind.

  59. Ben Godkin Says:

    The latest update removed the core features that I used this plugin for… I have now switched to Ultimate Category Excluder plugin which offers the features I was using in previous version of your plugin.

  60. Nic Windley Says:

    Your recent updates have resolved ALL issue for me and Simply Exclude is working as expected.

  61. Paul Menard Says:

    Nic Windley » Great thanks! I have one more change coming. This change will allow some users to allow filtering on all queries. By default Simply-Exclude filters only on the main query.

  62. User Says:

    Just a follow up to let others know that Paul’s v2.0.4 beta fixed the error in my case, and brought back v3.2+ compatibility. Thanks again Paul for the speedy fix.

  63. bildworter Says:

    I install the new Simply Exclude plugin. When I want to show only a category on Front Page, also in the widget menu the others categories disappear. I use Custom Menu widget. The same problem happens when I choice only an article to show in Front Page.

  64. business Says:

    Great stuff, keep it coming!

  65. tracersa Says:


    I don’t know what happened but plugin was working fine until I changed the homepage/front page to a static back. later decided to revert back to original front/homepage and when I did, simply exclude stopped working. It is now showing posts from specific categories on homepage despite the fact that they are ‘excluded’. Any help/suggestion?


  66. Erik Wilson Says:

    Plugin worked for me until this last update now it does not work at all. I simply want to block one category from the front page, which worked, but now nothing I set blocks anything on the front page. HELP!

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  70. Dave Gran Says:

    Hi Paul. I totally appreciate where you’re coming from by providing something for free and trying to help people. I unfortunately did the most recent upgrade after thinking that I knew what I was getting, but I’m so lost. Before it was so simple yet effective at least for my needs. I’ve spent quite a bit of time going through the help sections, just did the new up grade, testing, but still for some reason can’t get this to work.

    What I am attempting to do is have some of my posts excluded from the home page ( Maybe it’s easier than I think to correct on the new version, but everything I’ve attempted hasn’t worked. So lost. :(

  71. Dave Gran Says:

    Actually, it sounds I’m exactly where Erik.

  72. Dave Gran Says:

    Sorry… This might help. I am not on WP 3.3.2 – on the one prior to that.

    The web programmer who helped me build the site didn’t know about Child Themes and I can’t upgrade until that’s resolved.

  73. Paul Menard Says:

    Dave Gran » You might have some better luck trying the latest beta.

    Once you install this go into Simply Exclude > Settings. Look for the section ‘Query Filtering’. Under this the default action is to only filter for Main Loop. On your site try setting this to all and see if you have better luck.


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  75. Says:

    Hello. We are building a map about Museums and Art Galleries in the World (beta stage yet). The map will be free of charge and any Museum will be able to show in our site for free. When we install the plugin all runs very well, but the wordpress menu disappears. At front we show (include only at settings) a unique category with the flags, and when you click in a flag, you go to another category (hidden in the front) with the museums in this country (we use 301 redirects plugin). But, again, the menu disappears, doesnt show. We dont understand why the menu disappears. Any solution?

  76. Casey Says:

    Simply Exclude is currently munching “[gallery]” codes within posts for me. I’m not sure which update started it, but I can demonstrate it with just Simply Exclude and Akismet active and no other plugins. Turn on, no gallery. Turn off, gallery.

  77. Paul Menard Says:

    Casey » I just tried this on my own local development site and cannot reproduce. I’m running latest WordPress, default TwentyEleven theme and latest beta of Simply Exclude ( I created a post assigned to a known excluded category. As part of this post I’ve uploaded a dozen images and inserted the gallery shortcode. When I view the home post listing the post is not showing again because it is assigned to an excluded category. However when I view the single post itself the gallery shows as expected. How does your setup compare?

  78. Paul Menard Says: » Try the latest beta By default the Simply Exclude filters only the main loop (query). This mean secondary loops like the one to build the nav or other page elements should not be effected. I have no control on how a theme is developed. There are many way to effect the loop processing. You didn’t provide any detail on how you are using the Simply Exclude plugin.

  79. Says:

    Hello Paul. Many thanks for the response. We install the beta 2.0.4. Nothing happens. We only want to show one category in the front, and we put “include only” settings in categories and click over this category. But this solution overwrite something and the menu disappears. So… we have a new solution: click “exclude” at settings and marked all categories minus the category we want to show. Now the menu is there -in the front- and the category we want to show too. Not is the best solution, but works. Do you know how happens this? Thanks very much.

  80. pagerank Says:


    […]Simply Exclude « CodeHooligans[…]…

  81. Paul Menard Says: » It si hard to say what the issue is. I just tried the same setup using the default TwentyEleven theme and only the Simply Exclude plugin active. Assigned a post to a category and set the category to include only for the front/home. When I view the site I only see the post from the included category. Reverse that so all categories are excluded except the one used before. View the site and still I see the one post.

    This could be something with your theme the way it is coded.

  82. Paul Menard Says: » Actually just saw something in the code. In my testing I was using the default menu with Pages. But when I added a menu item for the category I was attempting to Exclude/Include the menu did disappear. So have patched the code. Please give this latest beta a try.

  83. Says:

    I try the new beta version and with a menu with pages (no catgories) works fine when i put “include only” in settings (for categories). The unique category i want to show is in front and the menu is there! Thanks. Later i test it with a menu item for a category… and too works! Its fix! Please, we want to put a link in our web in a future “credits and contributors page” as contributor to our project, may be? Sorry for my english, i am not english mother language.

  84. Says:

    I want to say a link to your web from our web as contributor. May be?

  85. Paul Menard Says: » Glad it worked and solved your issue. Now I can update the plugin on Thanks for your help. Sure feel free to link to my site. Thanks.

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  92. Wolfram (WolfsPAD) Says:

    I exclude one categorie from front page and archiv with the plugin “Simple Exclude”. The widget Archiv from WordPress count this posts reagardless. If the user is chose the month with excluded posts an error message is seen. Can you help me please.

  93. Paul Menard Says:

    Wolfram (WolfsPAD) » First thanks for using my little plugin. Though it does seem to cause some users pain is does work with most options.

    In your case you mentioned an error. Can you provide the exact error? Also as debugging can you add ‘&SE_DEBUG=1′ to the end of the URL for your site? This will output some valuable debug information which will help me determine the issue.

  94. rj Says:

    hey I just wanted to see how to exclude a page to show up in the main nav.

    i have selected the EXCLUDE checkmarks in the page edit mode itself. but this still shows up in my nav.

    thanks for your help!

  95. Dvae Says:

    This is a great plugin! Here’s my problem. I have a slider that pulls images from posts in a specific category. These posts only serve to feed the slider images, so I want them excluded from everything. This plugin does that great, except for the built-in Recent Posts widget. They appear there. Apologies if i missed this in the documentation, but I didn’t see anything about it there.

  96. Paul Menard Says:

    Dvae » No you haven’t missed anything. The Simply-Exclude plugin does not and cannot work in all instances. The plugin only works on the main page query. Many of these built-in and custom widget perform their own query which is outside of the plugin’s control. At the moment I don’t have a solution for filtering the Recent Posts widget output.

  97. Paul Menard Says:

    rj » Sorry for the lateness of my reply. The Simply-Exclude plugin was built for the main page query. Depending on your theme and how it queries the elements for the nav the filtering cannot take place. If you are trying to exclude a page from the nav then look into your theme. Is your theme using the WordPress menus system? Is so then it would be easier to just remove the menu item, no? If your theme is using the older wp_list_pages() function to display the pages as nav items then you should be able to directly exclude the page via that function parameters. Check wp_list_pages in the WordPress Codex.

  98. Rasmus99 Says:

    It seems that I’m too stupid to use this plugin. My only task that I want to do with this tool is:
    -I have 14 categories
    -1 categorie does not has to be published on the starting page, but on every other site (archive, calendar etc).

    Can anyone explain me step by step what I should do? Using help and this forum didn’t helped me…

    Thanx in advance!

  99. Paul Menard Says:

    Rasmus99 » To exclude a category from your home page do this.

    1. In your wp-admin navigate to Posts > Categories.
    2. Find the Category you want to exclude.
    3. On that Category row you should see the column for ‘Simply Exclude’. The column contains many checkboxes. You need to set the checkbox for the ‘Front/Home’

    This will work for most WordPress installations. If this does not work then possibly your theme is written incorrectly.

  100. Paco Says:

    I have 5 categories to avoid being marked on the home page and it works perfect. But I want some input from those specific categories themselves display. It`s possible?
    I tried two ways, but none works:
    * Mark the entry as visible (include all) on the home page, from the list of entries
    * Assigning the input of the category hidden plus another category or tag that is visible

  101. Paul Menard Says:

    Paco » Not really possible. I mean the exclude is a binary state. Either it IS or IS NOT excluded. One option I can think of is to not use categories but instead exclude the individual posts.

  102. Paco Says:

    Thanks. I also thought as a last option to exclude posts one by one, but is more work to be exceptional to display the posts of those categories. And so it does not depend of the administrator who is the only one who can use simply exclude.

  103. Best WordPress category exclude plugins | How to Create a Website? Free webdesign and website development tutorials for beginner to advanced. Unique Webdesign, Blog Development and Maintenance Says:

    […] Simply Exclude : […]

  104. Oscar Gonzalez Says:

    Your plugin is great, and thank you for putting it out. I’ve used it on a few sites. For some reason I tried it on a new site and I’ve got all my posts hidden. Is there a way to “undo” all the changes. I tried uninstalling and deactivating but it seems that the effects of the plugin remain. Am I doing something wrong or how do I “undo” all the changes? — Thank you!

  105. Paul Menard Says:

    Oscar Gonzalez » Not sure what to advise. Like most other WordPress plugins, Simply Exclude works only when activated a a plugin. If you have deactivated and/or deleted the plugin then its operations do not continue. The Simply Exclude plugin does not add or change any WordPress file or make alterations to the database. The Simply Exclude plugin works only on filtering the content related to the page load. Double check your plugins? If you have deactivated/deleted Simply Exclude then the issue is probably with another plugin. Start deactivating those other plugins until you find the issue.

  106. Oscar Gonzalez Says:

    Thank you Paul! I think either my host was caching it or Chrome was caching it because it started working. Thanks again for the plugin and for the quick response!

  107. MarkRH Says:


    Is there a way distinguish between Category Archives and Monthly Archives? I have a category that I am excluding from the Home Page, Search, and RSS Feed. But, I want to also exclude it from the Monthly archives view while still being able to view the Category itself if I select it from the Category list.


  108. MarkRH Says:

    Well, I ended up achieving what I wanted with just 8 lines of code in my theme’s functions.php.

    I excluded the two categories I needed from the Home Page, RSS, Search, and Archives (only the monthly ones).

  109. nusquama Says:

    can i exclude from list category ?

  110. maria Says:

    hi, I just installed the plugin and I have a question, I would like to use it to inactive the post from the blog which is not the homepage, could you please tell me if it is possible to use exclude to exclude post from the blog? thanks very much in advance

  111. Albert Maruggi Says:

    I’m getting this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in /home/content/56/4100456/html/wp-content/themes/magicblue/index.php on line 32

    I’m trying to have only News category post on my home and Manna News page and all other posts from categories labels appliance, furniture/mattress, electronics appear on the Products page. thanks

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