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Personally I find the WordPress post type display listing somewhat lacking. When dealing with a simple list of About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages the interface works fairly well. But when you have a client who has 15+ levels of sub-pages and each level contains some 50+ pages the interface quickly breaks down in it’s usefulness.

So I put together a plugin to help manage this a little better. The new plugin, pages-children, helps to filter the pages list showing only a single level of pages at a time. That is it really. There is no admin interface or settings. Just through the power of the WordPress actions and filter the page content can be altered. Powerful stuff.

As mentioned the plugin will filter the post type or taxonomy list to display only a single level of the hierarchy at a time. Within the list those items which have children will have an indicator and link to process access to those sub-items.

Display changes to the Pages detail information

Example of a Taxonomy terms listing showing the plugin effect.

You can download the latest version of Page-children on

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24 Responses to “Pages Children”

  1. saurov das Says:

    how are you?

  2. Ammer Naber Says:

    Thank you for creating this plugin! I feel this functionality has been lacking from WordPress. We have 138 pages and it is finally easy to manage them through the admin.

  3. simon Says:

    Hi, VERY URGENT problem with wordpress 3.1.3 latest version.

    Your plugin clashes with something and causes Media Library to appear blank, please would you update?

    Much appreciated.

  4. Rowan Gillson Says:

    Hi, thanks firstly for this plugin, makes managing our corporate site much easier. Can you please let us know when you plan to update the plugin for compatibility with WordPress 3.2.1 or at least verify it is working.

    Thanks again.

  5. Paul Menard Says:

    Rowan Gillson » Finally able to focus on these plugin updates I had in my queue. Have just updated Pages-Children to version 1.5.1 which now support WordPress 3.2.1

    Let me know if you find any issues.

  6. edward roche Says:

    Good Afternoon

    I really like this plug-in but have found an issue when using it with the Role Scoper plug-in. If I assign group permissions to a set child pages but not to the Parent (which is a top level item) it will not show the pages below but if I disable your plug-in they show up fine just with no hierarchy layout. I really like your plug-in and wold like to keep using is there anything I can edit in your script to allow this to work?


  7. Paul Menard Says:

    edward roche » Thanks for the comment. At the moment there is nothing you can do to get this working. I’ve had some similar requests for example when the parent page is unpublished but the children are published. The problem is in the filtering of the query to WordPress. In your case this would require more queries. I need to think on how best to solve this issue. Though I can’t offer an immediate advice I’ll try to come up with a solution soon.

  8. Ariel Benjamin Says:

    Thanks again for a great plugin. I can’t remember how I ever managed without it. I did notice one minor “glitch” (though because it may fall outside the originally intended purpose it may not count as a glitch). Post categories are not displaying properly in the parent:children relationship. In other words where a post category has sub categories, the subs are displaying on the same page as the main and the main still has a link to children, which, when clicked, doesn’t do anything helpful. Is that easily fixed?


  9. Paul Menard Says:

    Ariel Benjamin » Hmm. I just checked this on a vanilla WP 3.2.1 instal with some dummy multilevel categories. I’m not seeing the issue you are describing. Any chance you are running an admin theme or something? Can you provide screenshots?

  10. Ariel Benjamin Says:

    Paul Menard » Thanks for the response. Not running an admin theme. Screenshot available at in which you can see that the listen cat says it has children (which it does) but practice tracks and vanessa paloma workshop, both children of listen, are also visible on the same list. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks again!

  11. Ariel Benjamin Says:

    Just checked another site on which I run the pages children plugin and it seems to work just fine on that site’s categories. Now I’m worried that there’s something wrong with the site on which it isn’t working. Any thoughts on where I should start to look? Thanks for your help!

  12. Ross MCKay Says:

    @edward roche: simple solution is to disable Pages Children for users with limited access, i.e. let admin and editor have it but knock it out for subscribers.

  13. Bob Feather Says:

    When the child page is a draft, it is hidden from the Pages screen and inaccessible. I must deactivate the plugin to edit drafts.
    WP 3.3.1, Plugin 1.5.1, Genesis Theme. Otherwise, all is well.
    Thanks for your work.

  14. Sebastian Cork Says:

    To add to what Bob Feather shared above, the link to the children disappear if the parent page is a draft as well (even while the child page is published).

    Tested under WP 3.3.1 using plugin version 1.51 with the Twenty Eleven theme.

  15. Chethireddy Says:

    Tested under WP 3.3.1 using plugin version 1.51 with the Twenty Eleven theme and it does not show if child page is a draft.

  16. Paul Menard Says:

    Chethireddy » I just updated the plugin to solve this exact issue. Let me know if this still is not solved. Thanks.

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  18. Pete119 Says:

    Great plugin and a so glad I found it.
    Thanks very much :)

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  21. Pamitha Says:

    Hi, Been loving Pages Children with no problems whatsoever until this week. Now I’m getting a security warning from Chrome when I go to my Pages listing in the WP backend. “This page has insecure content.”

    If I select “don’t load” then my Children links disappear and I can’t access subpages. If I select “load anyway” everything looks normal.

    Ideas on why this changed this week? Issue is the same before and after upgrade to 1.5.2.

  22. Paul Menard Says:

    Pamitha » No, can’t say I’m aware of anything which Pages Children would run into. The plugin does load some JavaScript onto the page but this is done via WordPress standard interfaces so it should work the same as jQuery and other WordPress standard JavaScript. Are you running any security extensions in Chrome which might have been updated? Any chance you have a second computer available with Chrome you can test? I just tested on my own system in Chrome and all runs without errors.

  23. Parkle Says:

    Having the same problem as comment 16 with version 1.5.2 on wp 3.4.1. any ideas?

  24. ??????????? Says:


    Pages Children « CodeHooligans

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