Wondering when Netflix will come out with their own dedicated tablet player

First let me state I’m an equal user of Netflix as well as Amazon for movies and content. I love movies so both offer avenues for my needs.

Something I was thinking about the other day. I own among other things a Kindle 7HD. A Kindle is dedicated to all things Amazon. I can use it to read book, play games, and most recently play video content like movies, back sessions of popular series, etc. One interesting note for the Kindle. I have the option to download the movie to my device then play it later. As far as I can tell this is only on the Kindle and not for example on the Amazon iPad app.

Thinking about this download option reminded me of something I recently read about Netflix. In the article Cliff Edwards, Netflix’s director of corporate communications and technology, commented Netflix would never have an option to download the content. I can respect that.

However, I started thinking on this recent direction Netflix is taking creating their own content like “Orange is the New Black”, “House of Cards”, etc. Seems to me having your own device to compete with the iPads, Kindles, etc. would be the next logical progression. Then you could allow download of content to the device for off-line viewing. A win-win.