The hardest puzzle in the world!

A friend sent this over.

What I know about this:
1. Has 139 levels
2. Since August 2004 only 107 people have finished this.

I don’t get Sudoko!

There. I’ve said it. Sondra seems to be totally into this game. I even bought her a calendar for a Christmas present. You know the ones like the Far Side or Word of the day desktop calendar where you get a new treat each day of the year. So far she has enjoy this. As well as the puzzles printed in the newspaper. I’ve tried and just don’t see the interest. To me it’s kind of like working on a picture puzzle aka jigsaw puzzle. There is very little knowledge gained in do it. At least that is my opinion. Have to sensitive to those who do read this blog and do enjoy the Sudoko puzzle craze.

To each his or her own. For me I like to unwind with a good book or better a really well done first-person shooter game like Half-Life 2, Doom 3, etc.