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November 16th, 2011 @ 9am : 4 comments : Socialize This
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I’m purchasing a new Apple MacBook Pro laptop for my end of the year tax credit. Plus since my current laptop is more than three years old and I depend on it for my business I wanted something with a warranty. Since this new laptop will have almost triple the drive space (750G) as my current one (200G) I’m looking to also purchase Windows 7 to run under a virtual engine like VMWare or Parallels.

So I jumped to the Microsoft site. Found the Windows 7 part of the site. I was looking for some quick comparison between the three different versions of the operating system. But was not able to find anything. This really makes me appreciate OS X which is really just one version. And damn cheaper!

So I decided to Google for more information. Found the site. As this will probably be the store I make the purchase from I drilled through to the website page. The site does have a nice popup comparison chart on the differences between Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate version of Windows 7.

Chart from showing differences between Windows 7 versions

What I find really strange (and the reason I’m taking the time to write this) is some of the descriptions. Like the first line “Manage the things you do every day with improved desktop navigation”. Um, I’m sorry but should’t that actually be a given? Or the 5th line “Easy to create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup”. Again I’m stunned. No thanks I would like the other version of your operating system which does not make setting up a home network easy. Thank You sir, Can I have another?

Give me a break. Maybe I’m just a Apple snob (don’t call me a fanboy). Over the last 6 years I’ve really come to appreciate the streamline marketing done for Apple. No hype and no marketing double-speak.

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  2. Nick Weynand Says:

    I find your post interesting. Really, Apple has no-hype marketing?

  3. Paul Menard Says:

    Nick Weynand » I was not really making a statement that Microsoft does hype and Apple dies not. My comment was really on the interesting text from the Windows 7 compare. As I mentioned in the paragraph below the image the first item, “Manage the things you do every day with improved desktop navigation” should be implied otherwise why upgrade.

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